Rathin Goghari

Rathin Goghari is a Bachelor of Architecture from CEPT University. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics. Born and brought up in Mumbai and settled settled in Ahmedabad, he has been practicing as professional Architect since 1990, in Ahmedabad. He is a registered Architect with Council of Architecture (CA/99/24346).

He has been teaching design at CEPT University, Ahmedabad as visiting faculty since 2000 in the School of Architecture and School of Interior Design.

He authored a Thesis Document, “The Role of the Un-built Spaces in clustered Organisations– A study of Indian Palace Complexes“, for  Bachelor Diploma under the guidance of Architect P S Rajan in the year 1989-90.

This document was published by Vastu-Shilp Foundation and CEPT as a book in 1990.

He worked at Stien Doshi and Bhalla for three years. Thereafter, he established his Design studio, RATHIN GOGHARI ARCHITECTS in Ahmedabad in the year 1993.

Rathin Goghari Architects

RGA is a Design consultancy studio involved mainly with Architectural and Interior Design projects.

Types of works executed by RGA Design Studio are of diverse types. Number of projects are executed by the studio under basic typology of, Residential, Holiday homes, Institutional, Industrial, Corporate offices, hospitality etc.

The studio also involves with product and Furniture Design of a niche kind. These are merchandised selectively under the Brand name of Algaari.

Thoughts behind works

The Design and Works at RGA attempt to create dignified, elegant and frugal solutions.

The first instinct is to create a humble and modest response.

Considering Indian conditions, we would like to invoke a metaphor of khadi and cotton clothing as against polyester and nylon. Our concentration is in creating less expensive and sustainable solutions.

In the initial stages we get to know the person /client and gradually understand their dreams, desire, aspirations and requirements. Thereafter a rigorous design process follows, resulting in the closest physical manifestation of their needs through the Architectural solution we propose for them.

Our work characterises in coordination of various engineering requirements of buildings and interiors with structure and good feeling in spaces, which could be comfort or visually pleasing forms. There is a constant attempt to simplify and optimise construction in spite of customised detailed solutions.

The physical character of our works is a certain play with Geometry, adaptation with site and an attempt to create a site specific solution, structural consciousness and simplification. Making the building look smaller than the program requires. Under-playing the large, overpowering and monumental outcomes.

Our work consciously acknowledges the co-existence of the idea of man and nature. Segregating them distinctly at the same time blending them intermittently..

There is an attempt to make Architecture an art and play of form within this above stated framework.


Design Studio

Principal Architect : Rathin Goghari
Sr Architect :
Falguni Goghari
Architects : Unnati Mistry, Vaishakhi Patani
Jr Architects : Rohan Gandhi, Zalak Desai, Trainees 4, Other Staff 3.

Rathin Goghari Architects

4B, Swastik Society,